Massachusetts lottery winners continue to collect welfare

Pile of cash illustration 
By: Shifra Unger 

The lottery cash apparently was not enough for two winners in Massachusetts.

James Casey and Frank Basile face fraud charges after authorities said they collected state benefits despite winning large sums of money in the lottery.

Investigators said that Casey, who has won more than $700,000 in the lottery since 2009, has taken $12,157 in state health benefits and more than $1,500 in food stamps.

Basile has used the state health benefits despite earning more than $300,000 in lottery winnings in the last four years.

He said he is a professional player, who is eligible for benefits for the money he lost each year buying the lotto tickets.

"They saw how much I made this year, but I lost so much in previous years," Basile said. "You earn
$100,000 and you then lose $125,000" he also said.

The lottery winners, who took the benefits, are not the first to get in trouble with the state for taking benefits after winning the lotto.

In Michigan, Amanda Clayton was charged with collecting state benefits after winning $700,000 in lottery winnings.
"I like do need money," she said after she was confronted. "I mean I have no income and I have bills to pay. I have two homes," she also said.



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