Restaurant operating robots as chefs and waitresses now open

Robot servicing restaurant guests 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) A unique restaurant has opened in Harbin, China. The restaurant has 18 different robots doing all kinds of jobs, from greeting guests when they enter the restaurant to cooking various dishes and waiting tables.

The robots were made by the Harbin Haohai Robot Company. They invested about $790,000 in the restaurant with each robot costing between $31,500 to $47,000.

Meals cost between $6 and $10. At this price it will take years for them to recover their investment. However, the main reason for the investment was its great advertisement for the robot company.

As a customer walks through the door they are greeted by a robot, who extends its right arm and greets them with a robotic accent saying: "Earth Person. Hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant.” After you've placed your order with a human waiter, the robots in the kitchen get the order and they start cooking.

Once the meals are ready a robot waiter brings the meal to the table. All robots are equipped with sensors, which allow them to move freely without bumping into anything or anyone. As human guests enjoy their robot-cooked food, a singing robot provides some entertainment.



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