United States celebrates National No Bra Day

National No Bra Day 
By: Shifra Unger 

Some women resent the fact that society decided that they need to be strapped in.

Last month, when the United States celebrated its independence from England, women across the country celebrated their independence of their own bodies, from bras.

That's right. “National No Bra Day”, is a fact that was inconveniently discovered by people leaving their houses. Although our garments are normally attached, we are still ways to go to celebrate the right to bare breasts or less. As the “National No Bra Day” Facebook page states, "boobies are fantastic we all think so. What better way to express what we feel, than supporting a full day of freedom from bras?

"We are on board of “National No Bra Day”, because if they are large or small, functional or completely foreign, or even if they fit perfectly, bras can be really annoying. Sometimes you just have to go braless.

"Therefore lose the underwear, let your breasts go and have a look at your favorite celebrity, who also goes braless just for National No Bra Day," the website states.



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