Reporter accused of inciting mob to gang rape girl on live television

Television reporter incites mob to gang rape girl 
By: Shifra Unger 

A private news channel reporter, Gaurav Jyoti Neog, who was blamed by a Team Anna member and RTI activist, Akhil Gogo, for allegedly inciting a crowd to gang rape a young girl, has resigned from his post on Sunday.

Neog said the charges against him were "malicious and savage."
"There are accusations against me that I orchestrated the sexual abuse of a girl in SG Highway on the night of July 9. I categorically deny and refute the accusations as malicious and savage," he said in a statement.

Neog said he had carried out his professional duties as a responsible journalist, asking for a camera unit of his office to record the "nightmare of an incident to fulfill the social responsibility of identifying offenders and have them punished."

He asked the management of the media to relieve him of his duties until he was acquitted of the charges and said he felt it is his responsibility to allow a free and fair trial.

"I will cooperate with the investigation process. I would like to return and join the news organization with my head held high," he said.

Neog has also resigned from the primary membership of the Assam Electronic Media Forum, which was accepted.
The Executive Director of the TV channel, Nitumoni Saikia, said the channel was convinced that Neog was not involved in the instigation of the sexual abuse. "We're not trying to protect or shield anyone, but we remain committed to our campaign to get the perpetrators arrested," said Saikia.

The channel decided to air the shocking images of sexual abuse in order to allow viewers to see the ugly face of the aggressors and help police identify and punish them, which has been a success, he said.



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