Boss pays employees $7,500 to go on vacation

Bart Lorang 
By: Sarah Weiss 

(Scroll down for video) How would you like to get paid thousands of dollars by your boss just to go take a vacation?

Bart Lorang did just that and may very well be the best boss ever.

The CEO of Denver, Colorado-based Fullcontact API, an Internet startup, said that in a market that is competitive for top talent, you want to keep your employees happy and fresh.

The founder of the company offers employees $7,500 for what he calls "paid, paid vacation," however, there are rules.

"One of them is that you really have to take a vacation to get the money," Lorang said. "Two, you have to disconnect from work, so that means no calls, emails, no tweets, and no work of any kind," he said.

Lorang even admitted that he himself has trouble following the rules.
"I am very bad at it," he said.

An image of the CEO Lorang and his girlfriend Sarah showed him checking his email at the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Not surprisingly, employees said they loved having the company pay for the vacations they take.
"It's a real break for your brain," said Robbie Jack, an employee of Fullcontact API. "I come back refreshed and revitalized and excited about the things I was working on before I left," she added.

If the idea of having a boss pay for your dream vacation is good news, well then you should know that Lorang is still hiring.
"We will probably hire about 12 people in the next six months," he said.

Technology companies have become known for their extravagant benefits and Fullcontact API is no exception. Google offers in house health facilities and pays for college degrees. At Facebook, employees with new babies get $4,000 in "baby cash".



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