More people following celebrities and using laughing gas

Woman using laughing gas 
By: John Roberts 

More people are using laughing gas as a cheap way to get high as they see their favorite celebrities publicly using the dangerous gas.

Her eyes bright with excitement, she holds a balloon to her lips. For everyone, it seems as if she is about to perform a trick for the children at the party.

However, a quick scan of the environment shows an expensive nightclub in London, appearances of shiny hair and designer heels. All of this shows that this is far from a children's party.

In fact, she is something of a celebrity, she is Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan. Far from performing a trick, she is falling in a fashion trend and potentially fatal drug craze, the inhalation of nitrous oxide, the "legal high" laughing gas.

Cheap, apparently harmless, and ensuring a night of laughter, so-called 'hippy crack' is increasingly popular among celebrities and their young fans alike. Even Prince Harry was seen using laughing gas two years ago.

Only one problem is that the nitrous oxide is not legal and it is not safe. Despite being touted openly at music festivals, in bars and nightclubs across the country, the sale of gas for recreational use is against the law.

As for being safe, this is only true if one ignores the alarming side effects that it can cause. They are strokes, hallucinations, convulsions, unconsciousness, incontinence, stress on the heart, chronic depression and in cases of prolonged use, depleted bone marrow. Few would call it "harmless" after seeing such a list.

Now, anti-drug activists are asking a lot more to be done to address the trend. So far, nothing is being done, as laughing gas is flooded among fans. In the past month, several minors, but influential celebrities have joined the bandwagon of using laughing gas.



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