Mother arrested for abusing her child, claims she only did what is written in the Bible

Diana and Samuel Franklin 
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) Some people are really evil. To justify their evil behavior, people sometime use the bible as a cover.

The story of a Georgia girl, 15-years-old, who was locked in a chicken coop, left many wondering what may have prompted the parents to do something as cruel and inhuman like this to their own child.

Neighbors, who live near the Franklins, but did not want to go on camera, said that Diana Franklin used to punish her daughter for not doing her homework or schoolwork.

The neighbors said the mother would feed her daughter only bread and water as punishment for days and days.
When the neighbors asked her why, Diana Franklin told them that she was only doing what the Bible states. According to the neighbors, the writing that Franklin was referring to was from Proverbs 13:24. In the King James Version, it reads: "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him, disciplines him."

Mike Brandenburg, the pastor at First Baptist Church in Butler, where Franklin used to attend but was never her pastor, said:
"I know they attended this church for some years recently, but they did not seem to want to pursue this Church, they wanted to change the whole world to be like them. They do not want to be open enough to say they disagree from what I understand, so eventually they left."

Pastor Brandenburg said the Bible is often misunderstood, with people believing that the writings of Proverbs mean disciplining with a stick, however what the bible really is teaching us is to teach our children right from wrong.
"Loving parents will discipline their children in the way that need not mean that you will abuse the child," said Brandenburg.



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