Man jailed after girlfriend sits on him in his car

Ali Wanis 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

Next time you visit Egypt do not get too close to your wife or girlfriend, you might get a long jail sentence.

A radical Islamic politician in Egypt has been convicted in absentia for violation of public decency after police found him fondling a woman inside his car.

Ali Wanis was sentenced to one year in prison for the incident, and he received an additional six months in jail for disobeying police officers. The woman has received a six month prison sentence.

Wanis became a Minister in Parliament in the Nur Salafist Party earlier this year, but Parliament was dissolved in June after a court said the election was invalid.

Wanis stroked a fully veiled woman, who sat on his lap in his car while parked in a farm road near the city last month, police officers told the Magistrate's Court of Tukh, outside Cairo.

When they knocked on the window to ask him for his driver’s license and vehicle registration, the Islamist called them "sons of dogs," police added.

Wanis denied violating public decency, saying he had taken care of his sick niece, but police said she was not his niece.

On Saturday, the court found Wanis guilty of committing a lewd act on a main road and contempt for the police. He was sentenced to jail.



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