Tiny earphone helps illegals pass driver’s license test

Large headphones illustration 
By: David Ross 

A 34-year-old Chinese man was arrested on suspicion that he illegally obtained a driver's license through a scam, in which answers were provided to him through a wireless earphone connected to a mobile phone.

Police investigated the man after he got a 97 percent score on his test even though he was not able to speak the language very well.

During the investigation, an investigator spotted a 41-year-old Chinese man taking the test while wearing a jacket, despite it being a very hot day. He was filling in the blanks without reading the questions. Police questioned him and found the wireless earphone, which led to the discovery of the scam.

The investigation led police to a man named Zhang Zhanbiao, 37, who charged $125 for his service of providing answers to the test taker. Police found data on questions that have appeared in past exams and lists of corresponding answers, on his home computer.

According to the police, test takers inserted a small 1-1/2 millimeter wireless earphone into their ear and they hid a cellular phone in their clothes.

Zhang allegedly instructed them to read some words from the questions on the test, then, he looked up the answers on previous tests, and provide the correct answers to the test takers.



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