Vacationing father and daughter jump to their deaths to escape forest fire

Forest fire illustration 
By: Debbie Gross 

A vacation ended in a bad way for many families in France and Spain.

A French father and daughter on vacation in the northeast of Spain, were forced jumped off a cliff by the sea and were killed, in a desperate attempt to escape a forest fire that was raging on Monday night.

Three family members survived the 65 foot fall into a creek near the town of Portbou at the Spain-France border. The mother was in critical condition on Tuesday night with a back injury, while the son and daughter of another couple escaped with minor injuries.

The unidentified 60-year-old man and his daughter, 15, were among three French citizens, who died in fires that broke out on Sunday near the city of La Junquera, in northeastern Spain, near the border with France. The fire spread rapidly in the region of Alt Empordà, and was whipped by 55 mile-per-hour winds. A Spanish citizen also died in the fire.

The flames forced the family of five and about 150 other tourists from their cars Sunday night, while they were driving back to France. Amateur footage showed that the group descending the steep slopes to the beach in order to escape the flames. They became trapped and one by one decided to jump down the cliff into the water. Unfortunately, several people were killed on impact.



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