Man dies after falling into Niagara Gorge during police chase

Niagara Gorge 
By: Moses Gold 

A man tumbled into the Niagara Gorge after a police chase and died.

Ontario Police are investigating the incident after a man and an officer fell over a retaining wall into the Niagara Gorge during a police chase.

The Special Investigations Unit said that shortly after 5:00 pm Tuesday, a police officer was chasing a man on River Road, between Otter and Eastwood streets, about two miles downstream from the falls.

Soon after, both went over a wall and into the deep, rocky gorge.

Rescuers used a hard framed basket together with a fire truck boom to reach the victims.
The names and other details about the two have not been released.

Logan Tremblay was just steps away from the two when he saw them fall down into the Gorge, which is over 30 meters deep.

"The teen fell over the ledge, and the police officer went with him," he said, moved.
"I stepped over the ledge to see if I could get the teen or the police officer. When I looked, I saw them falling down. I saw part of his uniform and then he disappeared," the witness said.

The teen died, and police said the injured officer was airlifted to Hamilton Hospital with a broken leg.
The SIU, which investigates police incidents related to deaths, serious injury or sexual assault, has assigned seven investigators and two forensic investigators to the case.

Niagara Police said they were not sure if the pair fell to the bottom of the Gorge, and it was unclear if they had to be rescued from the water of the Gorge, or if they fell into the foliage.



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