Man helps robber for free slice of pizza

Tony Hamer 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

Some people love pizza so much they will even help commit a crime for a free slice.

A Tennessee man, who this week confessed his involvement in the robbery of a Domino's deliveryman, told officers that he served as the lookout in exchange for three slices of pizza, according to court documents.

During questioning on Monday, by Memphis Police Department officials, Tony Hamer, 19, admitted he was "present in the planning" of the July 10 robbery, carried out by a cohort.

Jose Reyes, a worker at Domino’s Pizza told police, he was delivering pizza at 9:00 pm, when he was approached by two men. One of them threatened to shoot Reyes if he did not "give up the money and the pizza." Reyes handed over more than $20, an HTC cell phone, and pizza.

Hamer told investigators that he "participated as a lookout and provided protection for the other man during the robbery." The police said: "Hamer received three slices of pizza for his involvement in this theft."

Besides the crime on July 10, Hamer also admitted to robbing another pizza delivery person. Along with the robbery of a pizza order of $54, Hamer and an associate took $35 in cash from the victim, Erica Northcutt.

Hamer is being held at the Shelby County Jail, in lieu of $35,000 bond on two counts of theft.



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