Police find and rescue two puppies that were buried alive

The puppies 
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) Many people love and defend animals, but watching the animal cruelty done to these three dogs will make everyone angry.

Recently we reported the story of a man, who was arrested for burying his deformed baby girl alive. Many readers responded in disgust and anger over the child abuse. Today we bring you a video of two unfortunate puppies being found alive after being buried.

James Perks, 35 and his wife Lorraine Perks, 49, were arrested along with their stepson Stephen Jenkins. They were jailed after two puppies were recovered from a shallow grave in their garden. They were each sentenced to 25 weeks in jail and they were also banned from having animals for life.

All three have admitted to ten counts of animal cruelty charges. The judge heard how the two puppies were found alive, but were very dehydrated and sadly, the puppies had to be put down by a vet. Another 15 puppies and nine dogs were removed from the home by RSPCA inspectors, who described the state of the house as "disgusting". The dogs were kept in rabbit cages. There were dog feces all over the house and garden.

As the dogs were being checked, the wife told police officers that two puppies had died that morning and were buried. It was then that the terrible discovery was made. Two newborn puppies were buried alive and gasping for air.

“I am giving you the longest sentence available to me by law. If I could have sent you to prison for longer, I would have done it," the judge told the couple.



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