8 women arrested for stabbing man on New York City train

Group of women who stabbed man on train 
By: Debbie Gross 

A group of young New York women attacked a man after he complained that they are making too much noise on the train.

A veteran, 63-years-old, who fought in Vietnam and is living in Queens, was stabbed on a Manhattan subway train on Sunday, after making a sarcastic comment about a noisy gang of eight girls and young women, police said.

Ralph Carnegary of Queens said the group of girls was so loud that "I could not hear myself think," as the train headed downtown approaching the 23 St. Station about 6:00 am, authorities said.

Carnegary, who lives in a shelter for veterans in Long Island City, was on his way to his job selling souvenirs on Wall Street.

"I could not identify the girl who stabbed me,” he said. “All my attention was on the knife pointing at me,” he said.

He said the girls turned on him after he was overheard talking to his friend, James Santiago, about how they were noisy.

"He said: 'Those girls must be retarded because they cannot hear each other talk,'" recalled Carnegary.

"In a second, the mad girls, ages 15 to 20, went berserk and started beating Carnegary with their fists. I was trying to block the blows when I heard another girl scream: 'Go for it', and a third girl saying, 'Cut him,'" he said.

One of the assailants stabbed Carnegary in the left shoulder, leaving a wound that required seven

"I did not think they were really going to knife me. The oldest did not look older than 18 or 19-years-old. I could not believe she can stab me," he said.

Police arrested Shanice Brown, 20, Kimberly Molina, 20, Starmeik Driggins, 19, and Sheyla Figueroa, 18, all of Brooklyn. Police also arrested Martha Bermudez, 17, and Sha-steva Burdos, 17, both of Queens, and Michelle Rodriguez, 19, of the Bronx.
A girl aged 15, of Queens, was also arrested, but her name was not released because she is a minor.



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