Body of dead woman missing from New Jersey cemetery

The empty grave 
By: John Roberts 

Police are clueless as to why someone would steal the body of a dead woman.

Police are looking for people responsible for stealing the body of a woman from a mausoleum at the Atlantic City cemetery in Pleasantville, New Jersey, last week.

Cemetery workers said the mausoleum door was smashed open and they opened the coffin that housed the body of Pauline Spinelli. It was found empty.

"The person who came here came with the tools needed to get the woman out," said police Capt. Rocky Melendez.
The empty coffin was discovered on Friday, police said.

They said the body was stolen sometime between late Thursday and early Friday.
"We have to think she was taken out of the coffin and thrown into the back of a car," said her grandson Rocco Spinelli.

Spinelli was buried inside the mausoleum with other family members in 1996. She was 98-years-old when she died.
Police are working to determine if the theft of Spinelli's body can be connected to two others in the county of Middlesex.

In 2010, the body of a 2-year-old was stolen, while in 2011, the body of a 72-year-old, Jose Lamela, was also taken, authorities said.

They are also investigating the possibility that Spinelli's remains were stolen for some form of ritual worship.

"I do not want to see someone desecrate her body, chopping her up or turn her into some kind of voodoo powder," said Rocco Spinelli.

He just wants the robbers to bring his grandmother back, or else, "Grandma is going to pursue them throughout her afterlife."



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