Man caught on video taking upskirt photos o woman inside convenience store

Man taking upskirt photos 
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) While shopping innocently in stores for some stuff, women can be the targets of some serious crimes.

As a young mother bought some food at a gas station, a disgusting pervert reached with his hand under the hem of her dress and took pictures up her skirt.

Oblivious to the assault, Fallon Fraker still was paying the cashier as the Peeping Tom quietly took the photos.
A manhunt was launched by police after video surveillance captured the man taking the pictures on his mobile phone at a Raceway gas station in League City, Texas.

Fraker said the incident was calculated from the moment she walked through the sliding doors.
"When I went out of the car he left the store," she said. "As soon as he saw me entering the store, he turned around and went back inside," she said.

Despite his strange behavior, she said she shrugged it off and went on shopping.

"He got in line behind me," said Fraker. "I gave him the opportunity to get ahead of me because I was not prepared to pay the cashier yet and he said 'oh, no, move on,"' she also said.

Oblivious to what was happening behind her, Fallon continued to pay for her products as the
man placed his camera to get the angle he wanted.

Dissatisfied with his first attempt, he moved in more closer in order to get a better look.
He was only seen through the window by two men, who were filling their cars with gas.

Once alerted to the crime, Fallon chased the man and demanded he give her the phone to delete the images.
That is when he fled to the city.

"I will be much more cautious," she added. "I’ll be keeping an eye out in the future," she also said.



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