Five men snap identical pose photos for the past 30 years

The five men 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

Consistency has caused a group of 5 men to take the same photo of themselves for the past 30 years.

When five teens sat and posed for a photo on Copco Lake in 1982, they did not think of it as a tradition. However, that's what was done.

Every five years, for the past three decades, John Wardlaw, John Dickson, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney and John Molony, met at the same lake in California, and took the same photo.

The first picture of the high school friends was just taken by chance. Wardlaw, known as a wedge in the group, had a family cabin on the lake, where friends met in July 1982.

While hanging out on the deck of the cabin, Dickson, and JD, turned their 35-millimeter camera into self-timer to take a group photo.

"For some reason, all of us appear to be dark and with mysterious expressions on our faces," said Wardlaw. "I'm sure we all thought we were still very good looking though," he said.

Although we tried a couple of poses, one went on to win as the official photo of our group, showing five young men, three of them shirtless, with shaggy hair typical of the time. They were all about about 19-years-old.

Molony, known in the group as Belves, is depicted holding a mug of Folgers instant coffee containing a cockroach. The boys had decided to keep the bug as a pet. They fed their new friend a piece of butterscotch and kept company with a photograph of Robert Young.

"The priorities were so different back then. All I really was thinking at that time was summer and the girls," said Wardlaw.

When the men entered their college years, they continued to return to the lake every summer. They spent their time fishing, reading and playing roles in home movies shot by Wardlaw, who is now a film director.



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