Millionaire jailed for preventing the burial of his wife

Hans Kristian Rausing, and his wife Eva 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

A rich man got sentenced to jail after preventing the decent burial of his wife.

Millionaire Hans Kristian Rausing, 49, was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for two years in the Crown Court in Isleworth after admitting that he prevented the decent burial of his wife, Eva Rausing.

Eva, 48, was discovered in the couple's home in Belgravia, on July 9 in an advanced state of decomposition after they arrested her husband.

Judge Richard McGregor-Johnson said the case illustrates the effects of "totally destructive drug abuse."

In addition to the 10-month prison sentence, Hans was given a second two months imprisonment, to run concurrently and also suspended for two years, after he admitted to a charge of driving while unfit through drugs.

He was also ordered to attend a residential rehabilitation program for drug treatment for two years.
For more than two months, Hans went about his business and avoided answering questions about the whereabouts of his wife, while the decomposed corpse of Eva lay in her luxury home in central London.

On July 9, police in London, however, stumbled upon the truth when they stopped him for driving erratically and found drugs in his possession, so they searched his home.

The body of Eve, a mother of four, was found in a room full of flies under a pile of clothes and trash bags that had been taped.

The post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death was inconclusive. Early toxicology reports have said that there were no drugs in her system.

In a statement read in court, Hans admitted to being unable to face the reality of the death of Eva.



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