New robot garbage bin released to catch your garbage

New high tech garbage bin 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) A new garbage bin was released that will help people, who have problems aiming their garbage into the bin.

The days of leaving your seat to throw away all the trash will be over soon with the help of one futuristic device, which is sure to be an accessory for the lazy couch potato people.

Equipped with a battery and scooter, Smart Trashbox tracks any garbage thrown into the air as it moves effortlessly toward the object.

A Kinect style 3D motion tracking camera was placed in the wall of a room working to help track every piece of trash flying around.

A demonstration of the motorized trash bin has taken the Internet by storm, racking up over 1.7 million page views on the YouTube video-sharing website in less than a week.

The three-minute clip shows the process behind the design, and the construction of the apparatus seems to have captured the imagination of Internet users.

A surprised viewer said: "No need to clean your room again!"
Another added: "This has to be patented!”

Maybe this bin is too late however, with a similar gadget first making an appearance in the 1989's cult classic, Back to the Future II.



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