Officials to get birds drunk to stop pooping problem

By: Sarah Weiss 

A city got tired of the pooping birds, so they decided to get them drunk and move them out of the area.

Authorities in the northeastern city of Sumy, are monitoring the movement of the birds, after getting tired of the increasing number of birds running amok in the area.

Officials have been particularly upset by the large amount of bird droppings falling on a statue of the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

The problem has been magnified before the upcoming prestigious Sumy day celebrations taking place across the country to remember the day when each city in Ukraine was founded.

Eager for the city to look its best, desperate official Alexei Movchan believes he has found the perfect solution to the problem of the numerous pigeons invading Sumy.

"Let's give them bread soaked in wine and then deport them to somewhere where they will wake up the next day and have no clue how to get back to our city," said Movchan, who heads the city's branch of the ruling Party of Regions.

Movchan denied that the measure violates animal rights, insisting that it is a custom practiced regularly by an Orthodox Christian monastery in western Ukraine.

Sumy was founded in 1652, and hold its City Day on September 2.



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