Chimpanzee begs zoo visitors to free him from captivity

Chimpanzee begs zoo visitors to free him 
By: Shifra Unger 

(Scroll down for video) All the chimpanzee wanted was to be free from captivity.

Intelligent and curious, chimpanzees have always been able to communicate with man.

However, this video shows the wrenching despair of this chimpanzee to be understood and to be let out of his cage.

The chimpanzee is seen in the video showing a visitor to pick the lock of what appears to be a glass door and lift the window, so he can be free.

Tapping on the window several times, the chimpanzee urges people standing on the other side of the glass to let him out.

The chimpanzee linked his fingers together, a sign similar to the representation of American Sign Language of the word "door".

Alex Bailey of Manchester, who recorded the interaction in the Welsh Mountain Zoo, interpreted the signal as a plea to release the chimpanzee.

A viewer can be heard laughing and saying, “He wants us to open the door."

But the chimpanzee is more focused on trying to be understood as it had a nostalgic look at the people before him.
The video, which lasts about 48 seconds, was recorded in the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

The chimpanzee was communicating with sign language, and it is not the first chimpanzee to do so.
Washoe was a chimpanzee that was the first non-human to learn to communicate using American Sign Language.

The animal, which died in 2007, had learned 350 words, and taught its adopted son Loulis.

Other chimpanzees were taught more than 150 or more signals, and were able to communicate the message to others.



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