Bulldog gets badly hurt in fight with porcupine

The dog that was hurt by the porcupine 
By: Shifra Unger 

(Scroll down for video) Dog owners Jerry and Allison Noles, took their three-year-old bulldog Bella Mae, to their backyard pond in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

While the dog was playing in the pond, a porcupine came to the pond. The dog and porcupine got into a fight. Bulldogs, are strong dogs with sharp teeth, so they usually win a fight, but not this time. The porcupine stuck more than 500 of its sharp quills all over the dog, mainly in its face and tongue.

The dog was in a lot of pain so its worried owners rushed him to the animal hospital, where doctors performed surgery to remove all visible quills, but they warned the dog owners that there may still be many embedded pieces left inside the dog. The dog is on medication and will be closely supervised.

“Wildlife have been using the pond in our backyard as a source of water because of the recent drought and heat,” Noles said.
Dr. Baez warns anyone with a pond, pool, river or creek near their property should keep an eye on their kids and pets, as wildlife look for new ways to keep cool in the heat. It's also an important reminder to keep all your pets vaccinated against diseases.



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