Man arrested after listening in on his former wife

Woman listening in to a conversation 
By: Debbie Gross 

After splitting up with his former wife he just kept coming back.

A man is facing two criminal charges for allegedly planting an audio recorder to record conversations of his former wife at her home. He also posed as a former boyfriend, police said.

Richard V. Holsclaw, 35, of Highland Springs Way, New York, was charged with eavesdropping, a felony, and with a misdemeanor of criminal impersonation, after an investigation by state police, according to court documents.

He was accused of hiding an audio recorder on top of a cabinet in his former wife’s home on Farr Lane, earlier this year, a device that was found by a nanny, according to court documents.

The nanny saw Holsclaw enter the house and search for the device after she had taken it, according to police records.

There had been at least one conversation between his wife, Julie Holsclaw, and another person, without their knowledge, Mrs. Holsclaw wrote in a statement to the State Police. The statement was presented at the Queensbury Town Court.

She told police that Holsclaw admitted he placed the device in the home.

The criminal impersonation charge was filed after Holsclaw allegedly created an email account under the name of a former boyfriend of his wife, and exchanged numerous emails pretending to be her former boyfriend. The former boyfriend lives in Florida.

Police said it was with "intent to obtain negative information about Julie Holsclaw for the impending divorce litigation."

After three weeks of emails pretending to be her former boyfriend, Holsclaw said he wished her to have a good life and revealed, "You've been talking to me hunny."

"I confronted Richard about this and he said he had every right to do this to me," said Mrs. Holsclaw to State Police.
Mrs. Holsclaw told police the incidents were part of a pattern of harassment that has lasted for months, while the couple is going through a divorce.

Mr. Holsclaw was arraigned in Queensbury Municipal Court and released pending trial.



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