House seen on video collapsing in under six seconds

House collapsing 
By: Eva Fett 

(Scroll down for video) House collapses are not rare, but for it to totally collapse in six seconds and be caught on video, is indeed rare.

The video below captures the moment a two-story house in India collapsed, as rains caused havoc. The building goes out of sight in just six seconds.

A camera recorded the incident on the street in Uttarkashi, as the house collapsed in a river in the northern state of Urrarakhand as monsoon rains battered the area, triggering landslides, flash floods and rains, in the entire region.

Reports from India said at least 26 people were killed in flash floods in the district of Uttarkashi, with about 40 people reported missing.

At least 10 people including three children were killed on Friday, as the state of the hill experienced extreme weather conditions, with bridges, cars and about 60 houses, being washed away by storms.

The two-story house that collapsed in the video was overlooking the Bhagirathi River, one of the streams of origin to the Ganga, exposing its foundations, as residents watched in horror.

The house collapsed amid the sound of swirling winds and rain.

Monsoon season in India runs from June to September, with the country prepared for unpredictable rainfall.



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