Man arrested for throwing empty plastic bottle in London

Man arrested for throwing empty plastic bottle 
By: David Ross 

Police made a big deal over an empty plastic bottle.

Officials in the United Kingdom on Monday, blasted a man arrested for throwing an empty plastic bottle onto a sports field.

Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London organizing committee, said there would be "zero tolerance" for antisocial behavior.

"Throwing a bottle into the field is unacceptable, not only unacceptable during this event, but in any event, and anyone who does that will be removed," he said.

Authorities said the incident had no impact on the game.

London Police said they have arrested the man, who has not been identified or charged. The suspect was arrested on Monday morning and was transferred to a police station in east London on suspicion of causing a public nuisance.

The suspect was hit by a Dutch judo champion after he threw the bottle on the field before the start of the final game.

Edith Bosch, a judo champion, said that he punched him after feeling disappointment and anger. She said she had seen the man acting in an unusual way before he threw the bottle.



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