Teen arrested for not helping accident victim

Ikram Choudhury 
By: Sarah Weiss 

Be careful who you befriend on Twitter, some might be heartless individuals and may end up putting you in prison.

Ikram Choudhury, 17, from Edinburgh, Scotland, is facing prison time after he posted a photo on twitter of a dying hit-and-run victim and doing nothing to help the man.

Choudhury was driving when he saw a man, who he believed was drunk lying on the road in a bus lane.

He stopped his car and took a picture of the dying man. He then posted it to twitter at 1:56 AM. When Twitter followers asked Choudhury if he did anthing to help the man he joked and said that he did not help the man because he was afraid the man would sexually assault him if he did.

Several Twitter users urged Choudhury to delete the photo, but he refused to delete it. Some Twitter friends called police and reported the picture. Police arrested him and shut down his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, at 2:10 AM, someone spotted the accident victim and called the police. The man was on the road without help for the first critical 15 minutes, which may have saved his life.

Authorities identified the victim as 35-year-old Craig Williams. He was lying on the road after being struck by a car. He was taken to a local hospital were he later died.

Friends and family members of the victim are devastated. "Craig was a cheerful guy with a big heart, he would always bring a smile to evryone's face," Debby Wallwork, a friend of the vicitm said.

Police were looking for the driver who struck Williams. Police believe the car was a silver Vauxhall Astra hatchback, possibly a three-door, which was seen in the area at the time of the hit and run.



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