Sex doll puts a stop to speeding drivers

Sex doll that helps drivers stop speeding 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

Drivers who do not stop at a red light, are very irresponsible and a danger to society. 67-year-old Lin Chen has witnessed many accidents near her home in Ningbo, China, caused by drivers, who speed through red lights without stopping.

Chen called the police numerous times, but police did nothing to help keep the community safe.

So Chen decided to do something about speeding drivers, herself. She bought a sex doll and dressed it in sexy red underwear. “This will definitely catch the driver’s attention and cause them to slow down near my house,” Chen said.

Her neighbors are satisfied that their roads are safer and there are a lot less accidents now. Police officers admit that the number of accidents in the area have dropped sharply since Chen put up the sex doll. This is a win win situation for everyone.



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