The rich can now purchase a $250,000 bottle of nail polish

Azature black diamond nail polish 
By: Moses Gold 

If you are one of those people, who are just trying to find where to spend money, a company has found just the way for you.

Diamonds adorn everything from engagement rings to steak knives. Now, a new nail polish is selling for $250 thousand, it is called "Azature", and you can let your nails shine so bright.

It presents itself as the world’s most expensive nail polish you can buy. Each bottle contains 267 carats of black diamonds. Although just one bottle is very expensive, the company said it has already received 25 inquiries from interested buyers.

"The black diamond is the most unique fine jewel. Their combination of beauty, mystery and sophistication, makes it a timeless luxury. One day, we thought, ‘Why not show this style on nails?’” Azature said in a statement.

Those who do not have $250,000 to spare can buy the Black Diamond Girl version, which will be available at Fred Segal later this week, for just $25.

"The nail polish currently has a waiting list of 576 people," said a representative of the brand.
Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Liv Tyler, and Megan Fox, have all used Azature’s designs.



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