Man calls police after running out of beer

Allen Troy Brooks 
By: Eva Fett 

Some people believe that running out of beer on a Saturday night is a minor emergency. One man thought police will bring him some beer.

For Allen Troy Brooks, it was enough of a reason to call the police.

"Hey, you want to take me to the store?" Brooks, a 67-year-old from Columbia, Tennessee, asked the police operator. "I want you to go to the store to get me a beer. I will pay," he said.

"Okay. Sir. I cannot take you to the store to buy a beer," said the dispatcher.
Undaunted, Brooks told the dispatcher that the police could "come now."

"No sir," she said. "You have called the police," she insisted.
Brooks was arrested for making a 911 call for a non emergency. He claims that he incorrectly dialed and was really trying to reach his friend.

Brooks has called police eleven times in the last month. Many of the calls were hang-ups, police said.
Brooks was taken to jail and released on $1,500 bail.



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