6 arrested for smuggling drugs in chocolate bars from Ecuador to New York

Drugs stuffed in chocolate bars 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

Those innocent looking chocolate bars coming into John F Kennedy Airport in New York, were really drugs.

Authorities said that a JFK Airport luggage handler ran a drug smuggling ring from Ecuador to New York, smuggling drugs into the city disguised as chocolate bars and diving equipment soaked in cocaine.

They claim that 39-year-old Jorge Guerrero conspired to send innocent-looking chocolate package, but full of drugs in cargo planes from Guayaquil, Ecuador, to New York's Kennedy Airport.

Guerrero, his wife and four others, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and other charges on Tuesday. His lawyer said that none of the drugs seized were recovered from the house of Guerrero.

Shipments that were seized included sugar and oatmeal cookies packaged with up to a pound of cocaine, chocolate candy laced with a quarter of a kilo of heroin and a lot of diving certificates that had been laced by more than three kilos of cocaine, which was to be drawn out later.

It is unknown how authorities uncovered the scheme.



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