Head of a toddler swells to three times the size of an adult

Dilla Anargia Adilla 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

It is horrific to watch innocent little children suffering from disease.

A child from Indonesia, is suffering from a rare disease that caused her head to grow to three times the size of an average adult head.

Dilla Anargia Adilla, 3, was born with hydrocephalus, a rare condition that causes the body to produce too much cerebrospinal fluid.

This excess fluid accumulates in the skull, causing the head to grow at an alarming rate and from ear to ear. The head now measures over 39 inches.

The debilitating condition has left the girl unable to walk or talk, and she spends her days being cared for by her father Azwar Anas, 31, her mother Puspita, 28, and sister Fazira, 7, at her home in Bogor, Indonesia.

The condition affects 1 in every 500 babies, and is treated in the U.K. through a two-hour procedure, where a neurosurgeon inserts a thin tube called a shunt to drain the fluid.

But Dilla's family has been unable to pay any medical treatment and Indonesia is now reluctant to perform the operation due to the severity of the case of Dilla.

"Since I was told by doctors before her birth about her disabilities we have been accepting her from the beginning," said Puspita. "I know that God sent me Dilla to care for her with all my heart," the mother also said.



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