Wild bees sting U.S. man at least 300 times

Man covered in bees illustration 
By: John Roberts 

A man disturbed a colony of bees and got stung badly, many times over.

A warehouse worker, about 40-years-old, has been stung over 300 times after accidentally disturbing a large colony of Africanized bees in central Texas.

Pflugerville Police said the man was in stable condition when he was taken to a hospital after the Wednesday attack. Police said three other people were stung, but not seriously, by the aggressive bees.

The worker did not know that the bees had built their nest in a closet that he was trying to move.
Beekeeper Keith Huddle, who helped pull the bees, said that the colony contained about 125,000 of the insects and 120 pounds of honeycomb.

Entomologist Wizzie Brown said that Africanized bees have become prevalent in Texas in recent decades.
Pflugerville is about 15 miles north of Austin.



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