Children dress up dead animals for charity event

Girl holds dressed up dead animal 
By: Sarah Weiss 

A New Zealand school came up with a bizarre fund-raising idea. They had the school children compete on who can make the best-dressed dead animal.

The children let their imagination run wild as they tried to dress their dead animal to impress the competition judges. One animal was actually skinned to look like a boxer, while others were dressed in bikinis or in wedding gowns.

Animal rights groups were outraged by this competition. They accused the school of encouraging animal cruelty.
Principal Pauline Sutton defended the action saying that “Animals aren’t the only species that are dressed up after they die, we humans do it to too.”

The fund-raiser helped raise $6,000 for the school, yet many parents said that they would rather have their children go back to the old fashion school fund-raising of selling cakes and cookies.



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