Indian man hasn't showered in 38 years in order to merit a son

Kailash Singh and his wife Kalavati Devi 
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) Some people do weird things in the name of their religion. One such man is Kailash Singh.

When Singh married his wife Kalavati Devi, they had seven girls, but no sons.

Singh was desperate to have a son and he was willing to do anything to merit a son. In 1974, a priest guaranteed Singh a son if he followed his advice not to wash or cut his hair until his son will be born.

Sadly, the promised son never arrived and so he has never bathed. Now, 38 years later, 60-year-old Singh has a 6-foot-long dirty beard and refuses to shower.

He said that only a son could change his mind. Although it is possible for a 66-year-old man to have a child, Singh's wife is 60-years-old, so if he stays with his wife, it is very unlikely that he will have a son.

His wife had a tough time getting used to the bad smell. She said that she has tried everything to convince him to give up on his vow, including threatening not to sleep in the same bed, but in the end she gave up.

Her family members tried to force him to take a bath in a nearby river, but he fought them all off and ran away, saying he would rather die than take a bath.

“I take a 'fire bath' in the evening, meaning I stand next to a fire until the sweat goes away. A fire bath is enough to kill off the worst smell," Singh said. His family disagrees.

They believe that he is the world’s smelliest man. They now know however that without a son Singh will not take a bath.



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