New York employer sued after pissing on employee's clothing

Jack Terzi 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

A real estate boss was hit with a lawsuit after allegedly severely abusing one of his employees.

A real estate salesman said his former boss threw scissors at him, bit him, intentionally sneezed on him and even urinated on his clothes.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Albert Sultan, 24, said Jack Terzi was the ultimate boss from hell, a physical bully, and emotionally and financially abusing, that made his days working at Jack Terzi Real Estate a living nightmare.

The days working in Terzi’s office not only looked long, they were long. Sultan said that when he was hired as his assistant and a clerk-in-training in 2009, he was forced to sign a contract that required him to work Monday to Friday for 12 hours a day, and 26 Sundays a year.

There was no vacation days or sick days. Terzi also called for a fine of $15 for each minute he was late to work, and $30 for every minute that he left early, in his 8 am to 8 pm daily schedule. If he failed to show up on Sunday he lost $1,000, and he was also fined $1,000 if he failed at his work, the lawsuit said.

Sultan said he was showed little appreciation for his hard work. Terzi regularly berated him as a "f***ing idiot", a "criminal" and "a piece of s***" in front of other people, according to court documents.

That was not the worst of it.

Once, Terzi "urinated on a garment that belonged to Sutlan, in front of others," the lawsuit said.

He also "physically assaulted" Sultan and "bit" him, and at different times, threw a shoe, scissors and a stapler at him, according to the lawsuit.

He also "poured shaving cream" into Sultan's food as he ate his breakfast, and "sneezed in the face of the plaintiff in a derogatory manner on multiple occasions," the lawsuit said.

He is now suing Terzi for six months in unpaid wages from 2009, more than $120,000 in unpaid commissions and a court order declaring the non-compete agreement as not valid.

He also wants $5 million in restitution for damages for the "systematic and continuous harassment" by Terzi.



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