2 prison inmates seen trying to escape from prison by hiding in garbage bags

Inamtes hiding in garbage bags 
By: Eva Fett 

Prison is the most depressing place to be. Nobody likes to be locked up in prison.

While most people just wait for their prison term to end some attempt to escape, but when they are caught after a successful or unsuccessful escape, they usually end up getting additional prison time, or getting locked up under harsher conditions.

Sidney da Cruz, 24, and Carlos Pereira, 18, were locked up in the Delegacia de Furtos prison, in Curitiba, southern Brazil, for their crime of car theft. Both men were very unhappy in prison so they were looking for a way to escape.

They came up with a plan. After dinner, there were a lot of garbage bags to be taken out. The pair took empty bags and placed it between all other full garbage bags. Then, each of them climbed into a plastic garbage bag and waited to be taken out with all the other trash.

A prison guard foiled the plot after noticing one of the plastic bags shaking.

“I was walking past the bags of garbage, when I noticed something moving. At first, I thought there was a rat in the bag, but when I looked closer I could see an inmate squeezed into the bag,” prison guard Cleverson Mineiro said.

The prisoners were ordered out of the bags an arrested. They may have their prison time extended for trying to escape.

“I don't know how they expected someone to pick them up in the bags and carry them out. These are grown men and the bags are made of thin plastic,” police chief Gerson Alves Machado said.



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