Qantas Airlines customer service puts man on hold for 15 hours

Andrew Kahn 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) When calling big companies, no one likes to be put on hold. For that reason, many people find it faster and more convenient to get answers through websites and emails.

Andrew Kahn called Qantas Airlines in order to confirm his flight from London, England, to New York. When he called, he got the usual message of “We will be with you shortly".

Kahn, a marketing executive from the United States, decided to stay on hold until a representative answered his call. He waited for 15 hours, but unfortunately no one took his call.

Kahn left the call running overnight. He was determined to speak to someone to confirm his flight. He wait until he felt there was no point in waiting any longer so he hung up just after 11:00 the next morning. He spent his time browsing the internet and doing some work.

After having reordered his hold time, he uploaded the video to YouTube. This got the attention of a Qantas Airlines representative. This time, Qantas Airlines called Kahn to apologize for the wait and offered him an upgrade for his flight to New York. They also paid his $800 phone bill he incurred by being put on hold by the airline.

As for now, Kahn is so unhappy with the airline's customer service he does not believe he will use the airline again.



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