Dell CEO bans his daughter from using Twitter and Facebook

Michael Dell and his daughter Alexa 
By: Eva Fett 

If you are a billionaire you can spend as much time on Twitter as you like, but not if you are the daughter of Michael Dell.

You have to feel sorry though for Michael Dell, who spent $2.56 million on family security, only for her daughter to spill the beans around online by revealing their whereabouts to the whole world.

After this incident, Dell has banned his 18-year-old daughter Alexa from using Twitter, after she revealed a lot of information about him and revealed the whereabouts of the family, which would make some kind of attack on the family easy if someone feels the need to harass Michael Dell.

Like any other lover of social media, Alexa has detailed almost every move she made on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, even revealing the time of their arrival in New York, their favorite shopping destinations, and the amount of money she spent on her dad's credit card.

See, this is the disadvantage of having both a lot of money and children.

The last straw came as she told the world about an upcoming important dinner the family will have, so her father banned her from social media.



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