Now for rent the traveling ‘One Square Meter’ house

The traveling ‘One Square Meter’ house 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) In these tough economic times, young people have a harder time buying their own home. In New York City, mayor Bloomberg has announced the building of small and more affordable apartments.

One architect from Brazil, came up with a new concept specially designed for single people. Van Bo Le-Mentzel built a one square meter home with a flipping mechanism, so you can either sit upright at your desk or flip the house, which becomes a cozy place to sleep.

Le-Mentzel’s came up with the idea for this traveling home after spending much of his life moving from one place to another, dependent on social subsidies and social housing.

He wanted a house that he could bring with him, which he could put anywhere he wanted, anytime he wanted, and call it home.

"I wanted a place where no one other than myself can decide what happens in my house. It's the only square meter in the world where I can decide what direction the window looks at, what direction the door opens in, and what neighbors I have," Le-Mentzel said.

To promote the idea of his new home, Le-Mentzel rents the house out for $1.30 a night. He hopes that his homes will be used as private offices, small stores, as an extra room outside a home, or personal space when you are on the move in this overcrowded world.



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