Hospital technician slapped with lawsuit after publicly telling coworker 'you have no d**k'

Ahmed Cercioglu 
By: Eva Fett 

In a lawsuit, a female New York hospital technician charged her co-worker of constantly abusing her in public.

In the lawsuit, filed on July 31, Sandra Morris claimed that Ahmed Cercioglu, regularly degraded her for being a female.

He went so far as to abuse her in public, calling her a "dumb Jew b***h" in front of coworkers, she claimed in the lawsuit.

Morris, who claims she was expelled for being out of work for months on disability after a fall she suffered at work, also alleges in the lawsuit that Cercioglu and his supervisor, Lazala, skipped over her assignments because she was a female.

"Sandra Morris said that Lazala and Cercioglu told her several times that she cannot work in the hospital because she has no 'd**k,'" her lawsuit claims.

Hospital officials, citing the pending litigation, declined to comment and said that none of the employees involved in the case could respond as well.