NY hospital technician caught watching adult movies during open heart surgeries

Ahmed Cercioglu 
By: David Ross 

Instead of watching over the open heart surgeries in progress, he watched adult movies on his phone, according to a lawsuit filed against a New York hospital technician.

A technician at the Mount Sinai Hospital, in New York, responsible for the operation of complex equipment during open heart surgeries, was seen watching adult movies on his smartphone, as patients' lives were hanging in the balance, according to a lawsuit by former cardiovascular technician Sandra Morris.

"Once I saw him looking at a video of a woman riding on a man," said Morris, 37, about Ahmed Cercioglu, as she revealed his name in a filing to the Supreme Court in Manhattan.

"On another occasion, I saw him watching a video of a girl giving a guy oral sex," said Morris about her former boss Ahmed Cercioglu.

She and Cercioglu worked together as cardiovascular perfusion technicians responsible for the running and operating of sophisticated heart-lung machines that keep patients alive while surgeons repair their bodies.

She said the porn habit of Cercioglu was so common that others routinely joked about his behavior, according to the lawsuit she filed last week.

Morris sued her former supervisor, the hospital and the other head, Ricardo Lazala, for allegedly creating a hostile work environment.



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