Couple married 20 years renew wedding vows dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Adults dressed as Disney characters 
By: John Roberts 

Jason and Julie Webb-Flint, who are both 42-years-old, decided to hold a spectacular 20th year wedding anniversary and renew their wedding vows.

Jason and Julie are kids at heart, who love Disney characters. They wanted to make their day special and fun, so they dressed up in life-size costumes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They prepared the whole ceremony with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.

Their guests came dressed as Disney-themed characters. The couple’s two sons proudly joined in their parents' fantasy 20th year wedding vow renewal celebration.

Liam, 17, and Luke, 15, came dressed as Donald Duck and Goofy, while other members of the wedding anniversary party dressed up as Daisy Duck, Woody from Toy Story, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee etc. Even Reverend Richard Barron joined in as Friar Tuck.

“Everyone looked fantastic and really made it a fun day that we will never forget,” the couple said.
As for the honeymoon, they went to their favorite spot, Disney World.



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