Hong Kong police officer dies while swimming in New York's Hudson River

Andy Naylor 
By: Eva Fett 

A man from Hong Kong, who was a police officer, came over to New York, to join the U.S. Ironman Championship, which starts out at the Hudson River in New York. However, the man died during the race.

Authorities have identified the athlete, who died in the U.S. Ironman Championship in New York and New Jersey, as police officer Andy Naylor from Hong Kong.

Andy Naylor appeared in distress during a swim of 2.4 miles or 3.9 kilometers, at the start of the all day triathlon on Saturday. The 43-year-old was raised from the Hudson River and received CPR before being rushed to a local hospital.

The medical examiner's office in Bergen County said that the autopsy results are pending.

Participants in the race followed the swim in the Hudson River with 112 miles or 180 kilometers, bike ride through the suburbs, then, a marathon of 26.2 miles or 42.2 km, ending at Riverside Park, Manhattan.

Triathlon races are known to cause distress in athletes that are fatal each year.



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