Car seen on video chasing down fleeing motorcycle driver after hit and run

Car chase illustration 
By: Shifra Unger 

A group of friends went for a trip. They attached a camera to the front bumper of their car in case something interesting happens on the road. The group recorded the following incident that happened to them.

The group of friends had a peaceful trip until a motorcycle came speeding down the road. The motorcycle cut off 3 cars. When the driver attempted to get in front of another car, he clipped its front bumper.

Realizing what he did, the motorcycle driver picked up speed in an attempt to get away from the car, but the driver of the car didn't give up on catching the perpetrator. The car driver picked up speed as well and chased the motorcycle driver. It seems like there were no cops on the road because the car would have been stopped for speeding.

After a while, the motorcycle driver realized he was not getting away from the car driver so the motorcycle driver finally gave up and stopped.

The car driver got his insurance information so he can have his broken bumper fixed.



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