Airline asks passengers for more gas money during flight

Air France plane 
By: Sarah Weiss 

A shocking demand from the airline crew horrified passengers during a flight.

Passengers were asked to help pay for fuel on a flight bound for Beirut, Lebanon. An Air France plane had to be diverted to Syria this week, the airline said.

In the end though, passengers did not have to go into their pockets to help pay for fuel for the aircraft, the airline said.

"Air France confirms that they asked passengers if they had cash as payment for fuel can only be made in cash in Damascus," said a statement from Air France.

"Ultimately, Air France paid the full amount itself, and passengers did not have to advance more cash," the airline said.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, on a flight from Paris to Beirut. Due to security concerns in Beirut, the plane was scheduled to divert to Jordan. The plane could not get a flight path to Amman, so instead, the crew decided to land in Damascus, Air France, said.

It was during the two-hour stop in the Syrian capital that passengers were asked for gas money.

After Air France solved the problem, passengers were transferred to Cyprus and then taken to Beirut, on Thursday.

"Air France apologizes to its customers for any inconvenience," the airline said.



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