Underage teen buys alcohol with 'King Of The Hill' cartoon ID card

The ID card used to buy alcohol 
By: Sarah Weiss 

If you are under the legal age to buy alcohol, you do not need to worry.

A teen with a photo identification of the animated character Bobby Hill of the cartoon "King of the Hill", was able to buy alcohol in six of the twenty two stores in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, tested by a local council.

Vendors in seven other stores sold alcohol to a volunteer, 18-years-old, without age verification, which was listed as 17 on the card, one year below the U.K. legal age for purchasing alcohol, according to reports.

Local officials are warning the stores, which sold the alcohol to the volunteer.

They have also encouraged suppliers to take the challenge rule 25 and question anyone buying alcohol, who looks under 25-years-old.

Politicians called the results "disappointing."

"We are warning the stores that are considering selling alcohol to a child with false identification after the results of this exercise," a government official said.



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