Man runs successful restaurant that sells only canned food

Inside the canned food restaurant 
By: David Ross 

Have you dreamed of opening a business with low overhead costs? If yes, this might be a good business idea for you.

It’s a restaurant with no menu, no cooked food and no waiters. Just shelves lined with about 300 different types of canned foods from Hokkaido bear curry to French salad, all in cans.

The operating costs for such a restaurant is very low since there is no cooking involved, there is no need for a well-supplied kitchen, no need for staff of skilled cooks, and the food doesn’t spoil so you don’t lose money with unsold food.

The cost to open a Mr. Kanso restaurant stands at $38,000.00, which is a third of the usual expenses of opening and running a regular restaurant.

You might wonder as to who would choose to go out and eat dinner at a restaurant with no fresh hot food in sight, with only cold food from metal cans? Most people do not think of this as a good dining out experience.

Nevertheless, Mr. Kanso’s restaurant in Japan offers this type of dinning out and is having great success. “The fun is in browsing all the different types of canned foods and trying new flavors,” one customer said.

The Clean Brothers, began franchising the idea throughout Japan, under the name Mr. Kanso. The first Mr. Kanso opened in 2002. Now, there are 17 branches of this weird restaurant, and there are plans for more in the near future.



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