Woman catches peeping Toms by attaching video camera to her behind

Woman attaches camera to her behind 
By: Shifra Unger 

(Scroll down for video) The next time you stare at a woman, who is passing by you on the street, know that you might by exposed on the Internet.

If you are a man with a wandering eye, the number one rule is, do not get caught while doing it.

This is the lesson that a Los Angeles, California woman, is teaching men she caught staring at her behind on the street.

In an attempt to bust passersby, who glance on her behind, the woman connected a hidden camera behind her and then published the video footage online.

Model and actress Reanin Johannink opened her presentation by asking people to think about how much strangers stare at you when you're not looking.

"Hey guys, have you ever wondered what happens behind your back? Well, I have found a way to bust people, so check out my "a** cam,”’ she declares happily.

With the “a** cam” secured on her behind, she took to the streets of California, to catch unsuspecting voyeurs.
The resulting material, which was published on the Internet, undoubtedly provides striking evidence of how many people just keep staring at her behind.

While some passersby seem to have a nasty look, others are more brazen, turning back around to
give the brunette a really deep stare down.

The hilarious video captures some men, who are with their partners, persistently stealing glances at the woman's curves.
While riding an escalator, a woman appears to focus fully on the camera on the back of the woman.

However, online commentators have been quick to point out that the reason some of the people in the video are staring is not because they were intrigued by the woman's behind, but confused as to why she had a camera attached to her behind.



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