Chinese women show off their new modest Face Kini swim wear

Face Kini, the new modest swim wear 
By: Sarah Weiss 

It is being sold in China, as one way to avoid the harmful rays of the sun, prevent against bites and covering up at the beach for religious reasons.

One way to avoid the dangerous rays of the sun or for women to stay out of the man’s eye, is to stay inside. Other ways to help protect against the sun includes applying a healthy coat of sunscreen and wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

Now, thanks to a Chinese company, there is a third option, which is wearing a "Face Kini". The Face Kini is a complete protective body suit.

The name describes a mask headgear used in eastern Shandong province of China, for swimmers, who want to protect their skin from the sun.

The clothing was invented about seven years ago and is now under mass production and sale in swim wear stores along the coast.

They are selling factory made Face Kinis for between 15 to 25 yuan or for just about $2.50 to $3.50 each.
They are also very effective in repelling insects and jellyfish.

Muslim women are also buying the Face Kini for religious reasons.



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