Police reunite one-year-old girl with her lost teddy bear

Lost teddy bear poster 
By: Eva Fett 

Looks like crime in Sweden is nonexistent, as police spent valuable time looking for a lost teddy bear.

Police in Sweden said that a statement on Facebook pleading for help in finding a missing girl’s teddy bear, led to the girl being reunited with her beloved toy.

Stockholm Police said a citizen saw the stuffed animal, which Tyra, a one-year-old girl, lost on June 19, near the Kungsholm church wall and recognized it as the teddy bear he saw on a poster that was put on the Facebook page of the Sodermalm Police.

"The teddy bear is back!" Police wrote on the Facebook page. "The teddy loved by Tyra was found by someone involved in the search group. The teddy bear was found on a wall near Kungsholm Church, not far from where it disappeared, as in many other cases," police also wrote.

Police officials said the girl was reunited with her bear on Thursday.



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